Thursday, September 8, 2016

Advance Care Planning is as Fundamental as Family Itself

Advance care planning may sound overwhelming, but the heart of it is a concept as fundamental as family itself.

“You wouldn’t make an important decision about your education, career, finances, relationships, or lifestyle, without thinking carefully about your intentions, available resources and possible outcomes,” explains Linda Farber Post, JD, MA, BSN, Director, Bioethics, Medical Affairs, at Hackensack University Medical Center.

“Life's most important decisions require you to identify your goals, values and preferences, gather information, map out a plan with alternatives, and coordinate with others to make sure your plan turns out the way you intended," she adds.

Your health is no different, according to Farber Post.

“Preparing for health care decisions that might one day be necessary is every bit as important as saving for college, starting a family, or planning for retirement,” Farber Post adds.

Learn more as Linda Farber Post JD, MA, BSN discusses the fundamentals of advance care planning.

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