Thursday, April 7, 2016

Family: The Heart of Advance Care Planning

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The Conversation Starts Today

The foundation of advance care planning is, to put it simply, family preparedness in the face of whatever life brings. To be more specific, it's about taking steps today to establish a care plan that suits your needs, values, and preferences
tomorrow, and onward.

Communication is the key to advance care planning, and it all starts with a conversation. By taking
that first, simple step, you’ll be taking control of what matters most:
Your life. Your wishes. 

Your advance care plan comes down to three easy steps:
  • Understand what, and when, certain medical decisions might need to be made
  • Consider these decisions ahead of time, and how they may be impacted by your goals, values, and preferences
  • Communicate your choices, needs, and wishes with loved ones
By generating a dialogue with loved ones in anticipation of long-term medical decisions, you'll be ready for tomorrow, confident in the future, and boldly at the helm of Your Life, Your Wishes

Start the conversation today.

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