Monday, July 25, 2016

The Hardest Decision

"In elementary school, I met a strawberry blonde named Hannah. She was a total spitfire with a constellation of freckles on her cheeks and eyes that reflected her soul – full of life. Our childhoods were bliss. We were little girls as naive as sprouts whose roots were hardly established in the garden of this world."  - Caroline Collins, What No One Tells You About Terminal Cancer

She was born on a Thursday in March. 1999. 

And from that day forward, the world was an open book for Hannah Rose. 
"It seemed as though she had a job to do. Curious from her first moments, her zest for life from a very young age was incredible. As she grew, that spirit never left her. Hannah was an incredible young woman - funny, wicked smart, fiercely loyal." - Our Beautiful Hannah Rose
But at an age when "tough decisions" should be limited to dating, driving and summer jobs, Hannah Rose Duffy found herself facing a set of choices most could hardly fathom.

At 14, Hannah was living with brain cancer - and a rushing onset of decisions that would determine how she and her loved ones would move forward.

Her determination, you might say, was "Pure Hannah." 

Her decision? A cancer diagnosis was no match for her lifetime of dreams yet to chase, stars yet to follow, and wishes yet to be fulfilled.

Hannah's closest friend and trusted sidekick, Caroline Collins, recalls the day she vowed to carry on the wishes of Hannah Duffy as the legacy of "Hannah the Warrior."

"I laid beside Hannah in that hospital bed. We put together a list of her wishes that evolved into a legacy of our friendship, the beauty of life, and death. That list holds an explanation for why I wore hot pink stilettos to the funeral and why the name “Hannah” will definitely be embroidered on my wedding gown." - Caroline Collins
Hannah passed away on September 26, 2013Her story, however, is just beginning.

Read Caroline's blog: What No One Tells You About Terminal Cancer.

Explore the legacy of "Hannah the Warrior" here: The Hannah Duffy Foundation

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